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Who We Are

Teens World Empowerment a nonprofit organization aimed at bridging the workforce opportunity gap between low income communities and countries by combating the lack of education amongst teenagers and young people through the provision of digital and 21st century work ready skill programs.

We are a youth-led social impact project aimed at addressing lack of quality education and unemployment with youth from diverse backgrounds and without access to resources.

We envision a world where Sustainability is key and Synergy is the Mantra. We aim to build an 'army' of empowered youths who would build their communities and disrupt economies for good. Through our empowerment programs, we hope to create an institution that trains and empower youths for global impact.

What we do

We Are Empowering

Teens World Empowerment has empowered over 8,000 teenagers and recently concluded online 21st century soft skill acquisition programs that reached over 800 teenagers and reached close to 9000 teenagers via virtual event’s with a view to equipping them for post COVID-19.

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Core Values

It's our Values that keep us going..

Commitment – We are committed to creating Sustainable and formindable impact in Africa and Globally

Synergy – Through synergy we believe we can connect, network and Create!

Consistency and Persistency – We keep working tirelessly until we can boldly say we’ve made Impact.


What People Say About Us

We value every feedback from our clients and we publish them online with a big pleasure.

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We want to hear from you!

We know you’re amazing and we can’t wait to hear from you

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