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Growing up in a remote community where access to Quality Education didn’t seem a concern to parents, Our Founder Dahunsi Oluwanifemi was bothered, as one from an educated background, from parent to siblings, which resulted in him getting access to internship opportunities whilst more than a few of his neighbourhood friends couldn’t as much compose essays, a backlash of their parents seeming reluctance to the need for education, which was further influenced by their inability to provide other basic needs.
He witnessed these friends begin engaging in hard drugs rather early on, casually hanging out with street urchins, popularly known as “Agbero” and having heard too many stories of the cliche endings these former friends were geared towards, He knew he needed to do something.
At age 13, officially becoming a teenager, and having being an inquisitive child, He began carrying out research, perusing several webpages on Google just to learn if there was a concrete reason as to why this seemed a norm, why education wasn’t priority on minds of mostly poor parents and how big an issue it is. He was overwhelmed to find out that an estimated 10.5 million children have little or no access to Quality Education in Nigeria and some 260 million globally do not go to school worldwide, that’s a pool of the next potential Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Nelson Mandela, or even Antonio Guterres.
With these figures outstanding and definitely shocking, it dawned on him, one of the reasons why unemployment is a prevalent issue in his community and country at large. Which new governments promising quality education but never delivering. He couldn’t hold the question ‘If not now! When?
At the core his research couldn’t help yield any self implementable and sustainable means of guaranteeing Quality Education as a 13 year old. After about a year of still digesting this harsh reality and going to school, he continued his research, now more matured and having asked his parents tonnes of questions.
He delved into learning the root of the problem more in depth and figured, due to lack of Quality Education people are made to do menial jobs which cannot sustain them nor their families, and it dawned on him, the cycle of which these people produce children into society and make the kids go through the same process because they can’t get access to Quality Education nor afford it. But having first hand experienced how much the saying “knowledge is power”meant, he had to do something, to solve at least one of the problems.

Since 2016 “Teens World Empowerment” has empowered over 8,000 teenagers and recently concluded an online 21st century soft skill acquisition programme for over 400 teenagers with a view to equipping them for post COVID-19.

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Teens World Empowerment is  a nonprofit organization aimed at bridging the workforce opportunity gap between low income communities and countries by combating the lack of education amongst teenagers and young people through the provision of digital and 21st century work ready skill programs.

We are a youth-led social impact project aimed at addressing lack of quality education and unemployment with youth from diverse backgrounds and without access to resources.

We envision a world where Sustainability is key and Synergy is the Mantra. We aim to build an 'army' of empowered youths who would build their communities and disrupt economies for good. Through our empowerment programs, we hope to create an institution that trains and empower youths for global impact.


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