It is no news again that the 21st century is revolving around Digitalization and Intellectualism – what you know and what you can do! And this era has come to stay!

It is very possible for a category of people to be left behind:- those that know but cannot do, and those that have the capacity to do, but do not know what to do.

  In this article, we will be addressing the various empowerment skills that you can learn and leverage on in the 21st century.

Empowerment skills had been grouped into categories, namely;

• Life coping skills.

• Manipulative skills.

• Intellectual skills.

• Communicative skills.

• Artistic skills.



Life coping skills are needed to help you get through your tension and hard times. They are designed to help you tolerate and control unforeseen and stressful circumstances. In a generation where pressure and tension goes hand in hand, skills such as these are advised to be learned by the people, teenagers, to maximize their activities and the life routine that the world brings.

Examples of Life Coping skills;

• Time Management.

• Discipline.

• Honesty (be honest with yourself and to your world)

• Transparency.

• Resilience.


  1. Time management; In this generation, time management is one of the most needed skills to thrive. The ability to know when to do and how to get it done within a set frame of time.
  2. Discipline; Discipline is the act of doing the right thing when you feel like and otherwise- the ability to meet up with a set standards every time. Not paying attention to the highly networked excuses in your head is a skill needed to cope with life. DISCIPLINE has a role of achieving orderliness and efficiency.
  3. Honesty; The ability to be real and honest with yourself, the ability to self-evaluate and work with corrections given is another skill needed to thrive in the 21st century.
  4. Transparency; Transparency is one of the most important traits needed to leverage on in this world of today. The ability to open up and be accountable for your flaws, excesses and ignorance needs to be learnt and cultivated.
  5. Resilience; Being able to spring back into shape, Being able to recover quickly from difficulties and tough situations is a super power we MUST develop in this century. Though we, Gen Z, master our era and technology, we have not mastered the challenges. It is therefore imperative to develop resilience for maximum productivity.




These are skills that involve the use of sense organs of touch, seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling. These skills are directly manipulative or they involve the use manipulative activities. Examples are Technical Education, Scientific experiments, building and field events. It is very essential for a teenager to possess at least one of these skills.



 These skills require brain work and professionalism. It encompasses creative thinking, problem solving, analysis, organization and so on. Without compromise, these features can be traced back to the “Institution of Learning” – The School. The School is the primary place for the acquisition of such skills.



 Communication is a part of the soft skills. Both written and verbal communication skills are very important because without it, information cannot be passed across between two people or more. By the way, soft skills are the traits and etiquette that is expected of and from any individual because it enhances effective collaboration and management under every circumstance.

There are majorly 7 kinds of soft skills;

• Teamwork.

• Communication skills.

• Work ethic.

• Flexibility and adaptability.

• Leadership skills.

• Problem solving.

• Interpersonal skills.


 Communication Skills cover your Listening ability, Positive body language, Giving polite feedbacks, Showing respect, Following email etiquettes. Etcetera.



Artistic Skills includes the talents, ability and skills to create art works such as drawing, paintings, sculptures etcetera. It is important for a 21st Century member to gain mastery in at least one of the above named skills.

In conclusion, another category of skills that is necessary to have in the 21st century are digital skills. The world is going digital, and it’s only going to be a safe haven for digital literates. So, it is expedient for our minds to be informed on the knowledge of Digital Skills.

In our next post, we will be elaborating on the concept of Digital Skills.

Till then, Stay productive!


We’d love to hear from you too, are there other skills for Empowerment that you know, you can drop them in the comment section, and we’ll get back to you.