My Conversation with Mama Earth (Gaea / ˈdʒiːə /) by Oluwanifemi Dahunsi (NifemiBuilder)


Mama Earth is in pain. The pain we’ve caused her constantly makes her cry heavily and on some other days her body temperature gets very hot because “she is sick and allergic to air pollution, and piercings on her skin when drilling and mining”. I wrote this piece with tears in my eyes because our world is dying and only we can save it. Let’s repair our world together, one problem at a time.

This is not a poem or an article, it is the conversation of an 18-year-old boy and Mama Earth at exactly 8 pm (01–08–2021), Ogun State, Nigeria…

This is the receipt of a conversation with Mama Earth. She said: People molest me by constantly throwing dirt to my face, sometimes they restrict my airflow by constantly directing their smokes to my face, if this continues I don’t think I can take it anymore. I said what can we do to help? She said; I have sent a call to my children if only they would accept this calling. Mama Earth after this calling, What next? She said All they 

need to do is find the treasure, Mama Earth, Where is this treasure? She said; It’s in their hearts if only they can stop being selfish and start embracing “LOVE” Mama Earth, What is love? How do we love you? What makes you happy? She said; Love is Selflessness, Love is Kindness, Love is Honestly, Love is LOVE. The best way you can love me is by taking care of me and my children. You’d make me the happiest being if you could take care of my children. My child Africa is suffering, Over 258 Million {source: Unesco} of her offspring don’t have access to Quality Education, Her sister Califonia got her largest wildfire which grew to over 395 sq miles (1,024 sq km) across Plumas and Butte counties. The blaze jumped perimeter lines in a few spots, prompting additional evacuation orders for about 15,000 people {source: The Guardian}. Did they learn nothing from the 2019 Amazon fire? They’ve hurt me on land and deprived me of sight on my crystal clear waters with the Mauritius oil spills. She said again, Changemaker Nifemi, I’m in pains; I asked, Why the Changemaker behind my name? She said, I have ordained Changemakers and their role is to keep me happy and safe. I replied again, Mama Earth, so it’s only a few people that are Changemakers? She gave the most beautiful smile and said “Everyone can be a Changemaker” and I screamed AH! So if we’re all changemakers, problems cannot outrun solutions and would we make you smile? She replied with a bright smile, My ever intelligent Nifemi, Yes! 

I replied, Mama Earth; You already know but my name is Oluwanifemi Dahunsi, At 13 I started an organization that equips young persons with Digital Skills with the aim of bridging the workforce opportunity gap in low-income communities. I’ve reached over 14 countries but isn’t this so little? there are over 190 countries…and waters, and

land untouched by borders there is still so much to be done… How can my friends and others get involved? She said so calmly; No effort in making me smile is little. Changemaking is highlighting a problem and finding a solution. Stop throwing bottles at me, make your friends follow suit, Governments should stop using funds meant for improving education quality on themselves, teach your friends to speak up, and most importantly help to achieve the different Sustainable Development Goals that matter to them. “Change Begins With you and your generation can lead the change I need” Change is US. I have LIMITED TIME Nifemi! 

If we act ignorant, we may not have a world to live in again….. let’s embrace synergy for greater impact……….

Oluwanifemi Dahunsi- Global Teen Leader 21'

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