David Onilude

Tech Lead

Leading the Tech Team at Teens World Empowerment, David Onilude is a teen front-end developer, pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science.

He has extensive experience in volunteering for a number of organizations working in the fields of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2018, he interned at Equip Africa Initiative and Dooke Innovation Centre where young people are provided with relevant skills and experience to the ever-growing demands of the 21st Century.

David Onilude is the founder and Executive Director of Tech Now Global– a Genz nonprofit organization that addresses marginalization in rural communities by empowering youth and teenagers in rural communities with basic digital and 21st century skills.

In 2020, David interned and served as a Volunteer at Smart Teens Global, Learnblue and Peleguin Group – the organizations which focus on creating awareness on Quality Education (SDG 5) among teenagers and youths in the rural communities.

David co-founded CyberSquad which is a non-profit organization and a digital community that gives digital and basic 21st century skills to teenagers in order to complement their education and skills needed to maximize the digital space.

Having a penchant for technology, David is fascinated by video games and TV shows