Okunade Ayomide Michael


Okunade Ayomide Michael is a 18yrs old Medical student in Bowen University, a certified Graphics Designer and a Design Thinker. He is also among the first scholars in harnessing digital skills from DesignIT Africa, and now a volunteer in DesignIT Africa.

He is also a Copywriter, Video editor, and a content creator.

He is a writer, a Christian writer, aiming at making teenagers understand the reality of the life they have come to live in God through Christ and not just acquiring digital skills that brings capital but ensuring we glorify God in our lives. And this has prompted him to start a project REALITY CONCEPT.

He is a lover of games especially Doctor Driving🤭. And also a lover of Korean Movies. And he is fun and extends it towards others.

He aims at making teenagers and youths know their purpose in life through his project REALITY CONCEPT.