Oluwanifemi Dahunsi


Oluwanifemi Dahunsi is a 17 year old changemaker who is passionate about making quality education and decent jobs accessible for young people through his organization Teens World Empowerment.

TWE is a youth-led, non-profit organisation that aims at addressing the prevalent issue of unemployment amongst African youths. Through skill acquisition and by creating mentorship opportunities for youths across diverse backgrounds, Oluwanifemi seeks to support them in getting ready for the future of work.

Since he founded Teens World Empowerment in 2016, Oluwanifemi has empowered over 8,000 teenagers and recently concluded an online 21st century soft skill acquisition programme for over 400 teenagers with a view to equipping them for post COVID-19.

At such a young age he has been recognized as a Teen Leader with Teenation Africa and he is currently a young ambassador for AdamStart. This is an initiative of Adam Bradford, a Queen’s Young Leader, One Young World Ambassador and British Social Entrepreneur.

Oluwanifemi has also been featured on several publications including the Vanguard, Impact Africa, NigerianNews Online amongst others for his efforts at a young changemaker in Nigeria. He is a Scholar at the IIT and recently, he was the youngest speaker at the Innovate, Inspire, Influence conference, an initiative of Salt Talks Africa.

He envisions a world where Sustainability is key and Synergy is the Mantra. He aims to build an ‘army’ of empowered youths who would build their communities and disrupt economies for good. Through his organisation, he hopes to create an institution that trains and empower youths for global impact.