Wojuolayemi Okanoluwa Sandra

Head Of Creative Writing Team

Wojuolayemi Okanoluwa Sandra is a believer, teenager, student, Writer and influencer.
She believes in the Gospel of Christ,and she is committed to making it known,so all men can come into the knowledge of the truth.

Okanoluwa is a teenager and a young lady that’s concerned about her personal growth, and the self development of every other young person.

Okanoluwa Sandra,like she is popularly addressed, Is a student Life enthusiast.
She is very interested in the behavioral aspect of the many primary and secondary School students out there, and she’s also passionate about their growth,and how they spend their time during high school.
She stands to address their lackadaisical steps and actions towards decency and moral uprightness because she is attracted to their behavioral actions and reactions towards school life and education.

Okanoluwa Sandra envisions a generation of High School students that will be decent and intentional about their existence and growth,at the early stage of their lives.

As a writer and content creator,
Basically, Okanoluwa writes to Inspire.
Her writings cut across various genres, namely;
Content writing,story telling, inspirational writing, creative writing and persuasive writing.
She employs the use of motivational and persuasive speech in her writings,as and when needed.

Okanoluwa Sandra is an Influencer.
She Influences man and nature by and through her writings,words and actions.

By my words,I am set to inspire and impact, because my influence is irresistible – Okanoluwa Sandra.