We have had teenagers ask questions on “the best way to educate themselves as  teenagers, what they need to know and how to go about it”. With this in mind, we have decided to explain in this article, three basic things that you need to know on Self Education.

Self Education is a basic tool for growth in the teenage phase. It is the process of educating oneself by one’s own special effort through reading and engagement in specific activities.

To us, Self education is the perfect means to control your knowledge.

The desire to be self educated is a very good one ,and it should be properly nurtured because that means you’re willing to “step up.”

Step Up in the context of gaining and expressing dominance over ignorance… knowing what should be known and doing what should be done.

  1. Be Curious; 

You have to see, watch and read things that are new to you. The truth is, curiosity matters because it opens your mind to different opinions, lifestyles and different topics. A curious mind is ready to learn and always yearning for knowledge. If you have to self educate yourself. Feed your zeal to learn!

You should be eager to learn. Surf for knowledge, read new books, try out documentaries, try out something new.

Stretch your mind!.

  1. Go online and sign up for an online course;

There is so much to learn, if you’re willing to. You can sign up for an online course. There are a lot of free sites to learn from, and you can get befitting courses for your development and it’s costless.

Just so you know, you can access free courses on Coursera, Udemy, Khan academy, to mention a few.

  1. Extend your leaning beyond what school teaches you;

Don’t depend wholly on school and college activities.

There is more to IT!

Strive to be the best in a particular field. And invest in knowledge.

Don’t be comfortable to leverage on what you’ve been taught at school.

Read vast. Embrace every opportunity to learn and study.

I trust these points will help you to become effective in your personal Self Education and Development! 

What do you think?

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